Monday, 12 September 2016

How to Increase your Monthly Income? - for GDS Officials 


In Respect of GDS Official, How to Increase your Monthly Income ?

Here is The Way to Increase Your Income ?
TD Business :- Dear GDS Official(BPM) you can increase your income doing TD Business. Present Incentive Structure is….
  • 1 Year & 2 Year TD incentive 0.5%
  • 3 Year TD incentive 1%
  • 5 Year TD incentive 2%
After opening TD A/c you will claim your incentive to your respective Sub Office in following Proforma.



RPLI Business :- All the GDS Official can do the RPLI Business after obtaining the AGENT CODE NUMBER. For Agent code you can write a application to SDI/Supdt. of Offices.
  • First Year Commission 10%
(for monthly premium:- premium*12/10%, for quarterly premium:- premium*4/10%, for half yearly premium:- premium*2/10% and for yearly premium:- premium*1/10%)
  • Renewal Premium Commission 2.5%
After Completion of one year you can do 2.5% bill for subsequent premium in following proforma…

Note: [Presently the renewal commission bill automatically generate by McCamish Software]
NREGS Payment:- The GDS Official also get NREGS Incentive Bill for payment of NREGS wages and Account Opening.
Account Opening: GDS Official can get incentive for opening of NREG account @ Rs 0.50/-
NREGS wages
  • BPM get 1.5/- per wages payment (except 20 wages payment).
  • EDDA get 0.20/- per wages payment (except 20 wages payment).
  • EDMC get 0.20/- per wages payment (except 20 wages payment).
BPM Can do NREGS incentive bill Daily or Monthly in following proforma…
Here is the Order Copy:-
SB Commission:- GDS BPM also get Savings Bank Commission @2% if have any balance for claim. Add total Deposit from April to February and Add total Withdrawal from April to March. Now (Deposit-Withdrawals)=Balance*2%
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