Saturday, 10 September 2016

Issues taken by AIPEU P3 TN

Saturday, 10 September 2016

                 TAMILNADU CIRCLE  T.Nagar HPO  CHENNAI-600017
No.NFPE P3/ SOVERIGN GOLD BOND / 16                        Dated 09/09/2016


The Chief Postmaster General,
Tamilnadu Circle,
Chennai 600 002.

               Sub:  Investment in Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme – Undue pressure
                        on the officials.

      The administration is in full swing in procuring maximum subscriptions for the Sovereign Gold Bonds. We always stand with the administration in procuring more business to the department for its self-reliance. The staff in the field are doing their best to see that maximum investments are made.

     But it is brought to our notice that , in the name of reaching the target at any cost, in many divisions, staff are being compelled to purchase the Sovereign Gold Bond even though they are unable to do because of the circumstances beyond their control. In Central Region, especially in Kumbakonam and Nagapattinam divisions, the compulsion from the administration is more. In Nagapattinam, the officials have been directed to purchase at least one bond compulsorily. The officials are threatened to the extent of non grant of leave etc. for failure to purchase.

       Hence it is requested to kindly issue suitable instructions to the Regions and Divisions not to harass the officials. We will always cooperate with the administration in all the initiatives for the betterment of the department.

Thanking  you,                                          Yours                                             
                                                                                                                                                                       ( C.MOHAN)                                                                                                                                        
                                                                        for Circle Secretary

Torture:  Procuring Sovereign Gold Bonds in Nagapattinam DN
Complained raised by AIPEU P3 DS

ToCom.P.Mohan,Circle President,AIPEU-GROUP'C,Chennai

Dear Comrade,It is brought to the notice of this union that SPOs Nagapattinam is coercing the officials to procure gold bond by  delaying leave and refusing to sanction CEA etc.,. It is learnt that SPOs Nagapattinam has instructed in writing  that all officials should procure at least one gram gold coin and threatened the staff orally that failure will result in refusal of leave , GPF and other welfare measures. Shri. B.  Maninaran Financial Secretary Divisional Branch Nagapattinam has applied for leave from 14-09-2016 to 15-09-2016 and SPOs Nagapattinam has not sanctioned the leave but asked the official to report feed back  on procurement of gold bond. Similarly Smt. R. Saraswathy Asst Secretary Tiruvarur Branch has applied for leave one on 12-09-2016 and SPOs Nagapattinam has not sanctioned the leave but given  direction to  the official to purchase at least one gram gold coin. Same  is the case in respect of Kum. B. Ponmathy,  Smt. S. Kavitha and many others. This  union  appeal that the matter may kindly be taken up to the notice of CPMG Chennai immediately to safeguard the interest of staff
Nature of action taken may please be intimated

Yours fraternally,
S. Meenakshisundaram
Divisional Secretary
Nagapattinam 611 001

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